5 Top Affordable EMR Software for Small Medical Practices

By: on February 1, 2022

Electronic medical records (EMR) software reduces the administrative burden that healthcare practitioners face so they can focus on patient care. These tools keep tabs on patient history, schedule appointments, and generate invoices after patient visits.

But if you’re a small or private practitioner, investing in an EMR system usually means going over budget. In this case, choosing an affordable EMR software tool can help you provide quality care to your patients without burning a hole in your pocket.

This article highlights the five most affordable EMR software systems. These products (listed alphabetically) have been selected from our EMR software FrontRunners report, according to our methodology specified here.

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  • Starting price: $19 per month
  • Notable features: Appointment scheduling, Charting, Claims management, Claims scrubbing, Handwriting recognition

75Health is a cloud-based electronic health record (EMR) solution that helps medical professionals working in small and midsize medical clinics manage patient information and digital records.

The EMR system features a built-in scheduler that helps you schedule patient appointments and keep tabs on electronic patient charts to track their recovery progress. You can also safely store patients’ medical records and practice documents, such as consent forms and lab reports.

E-prescribing is available so you can send prescriptions to patients digitally and update them whenever required. With built-in reminders, you can send reminders to patients about upcoming visits.

75Health offers email, phone, and chat support. The tool is only web-based.

Patient information in 75Health.

Patient information in 75Health (Source)

  • Starting price: $25 per month
  • Notable features: Appointment scheduling, Charting, Claims scrubbing, Compliance tracking, E-prescribing

CharmHealth EHR is a cloud-based practice management and medical billing solution for small practices that helps healthcare organizations manage administrative tasks such as patient document management, invoice generation, and patient scheduling.

Charm HR also lets you manage the access privileges of your practitioners. All users get role-based access and get audited from time to time to spot access violations.

Patients can pay for services directly from the software using their debit or credit card, making the billing process more efficient. Additionally, the software generates invoices automatically based on chart note entries.

The system offers email, chat, and phone support and is web-based with a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

custom addons in charm EHR

Custom add-ons in charm EHR (Source)

  • Starting price: $29.95 per month
  • Notable features: Compliance tracking, E-prescribing, Meaningful user certified, ONC-ATCB certified

EHR 24/7 is a web-based electronic health record solution for small and private practices. The tool takes care of paperwork tasks, such as creating patient charts and maintaining their medical records.

The software helps order and receive lab results online and can also help you with e-prescribing medication to patients. Additionally, you can create real-time diagnostic reports and patient medical history.

You can send reminders to patients for upcoming visits along with alerts to take medication.

EHR 24/7 offers email and phone support, and the software is cloud-based.

Patient information in EHR 24/7

Patient information in EHR 24/7 (Source)

  • Starting price: $74 per month
  • Notable features: Alerts/notifications, Appointment management, Assessment management, Claims management, Client portal

Jane is a practice management system for therapists, private practitioners, and small practices that helps with appointment booking, billing, and patient charting. The EHR software allows patients to view and choose services, treatments, and practitioners as per specific requirements.

Jane enables patients and healthcare professionals to receive notifications for bookings, confirmations, and appointment reminders automatically. It lets you create a patient database, and add photos and videos to track progress on a centralized platform.

Patients can use the EHR system to store their billing and payment information for faster payment and then receive invoices. The software also lets you set up access permissions, restricting users from viewing, editing, or deleting information.

Jane offers email, phone, and chat support and is web-based.

Patient charts in Jane

Patient charts in Jane (Source)

  • Starting price: $85 per month
  • Notable features: Appointment scheduling, Billing and invoicing, Charting, Customizable dashboard

RXNT is a feature-laden integrated suite of EHR, medical billing, and practice management software for small clinics and private practitioners. The software helps track patient data and automatically updates patient information by assessing diagnostics and lab reports.

You can use the software to check patients in digitally and share patient records with them. Additionally, you can schedule patient visits and send automated emails regarding appointment changes and prescription renewals.

The software also offers a patient portal for updating health information, uploading documents, and paying bills online.

RXNT offers email, phone, and chat support. The software is web-based and also has a desktop application. Additionally, it also has a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

medical billing dashboard in RXNT.

Medical billing dashboard in RXNT (Source)

How to choose the right EMR software

The tools mentioned above can get you started on your software search, but to find the best EMR software that fits your requirements, we recommend following these steps.

  • Choose a tool that suits your business needs: The software you choose should align with your business requirements and goals. For instance, your chosen software should be scalable in accordance with your clinic’s service areas. Your EMR software should be accessible from any location.
  • Choose a tool that captures billable hours as part of a project: While engaging in live consultations, you need to track your billable hours. Your chosen software should be able to track your billable hours and automatically associate them with the respective patient. Such EMR tools eliminate manual data entry during invoice creation.
  • Choose a tool that integrates with your existing software: Whether you are scheduling a live consultation, video conferencing, or devising a patients’ portal, you will likely be using multiple tools such as a separate video conferencing tool or a data collection tool. In any case, if your shortlisted software is compatible with all other solutions you are using, communication with your patients will be seamless.
  • Choose a tool that complies with security policies: The best EMR software should comply with regulatory requirements of standard rules and regulations such as HIPAA compliance or FDA, to provide end-to-end encryption of patients’ information. Such medical software would ensure data access to authorized users, encryption of communications, user identity validation, protection against unusual access, and prevention from security breaches.
  • Choose a tool compatible with multiple devices: If you work in a remote setting, your EMR software must be available on multiple devices. A tool that allows you to book appointments, track bills, and view reports online from any device can help you be more effective and precise.

Common questions to ask while selecting EMR software

Here are some questions to ask EMR software providers before making a final purchase:

  • What type of deployment and access options are available? It is better to invest in a cloud-based solution to ensure a high standard of safety and privacy for your medical practice. It also provides easy, secure access to patients’ information on any device from any location.
  • Does it support multiple users? Would you need multiple users to have access to the software (such as staff or co-therapists)? If your answer is yes, a solution that supports multiple users at a reasonable cost should be your priority when looking at the options.
  • Which technical support channels does this software use? Examine the EMR tool’s technical assistance options. Check the technical support guidelines for your staff and patients. Also, consider the types of channels (such as real-time chat, voice call, and video call, etc.) of technical support available.

How did we select these products? Based on your reviews

At Software Advice, we consider and verify all our user reviews to recommend the most efficient tools for your business.

Our software recommendations reflect the views and experiences given by your peers. These recommendations are never bought or sold, nor based on the opinion of a single individual.

To be included in this list, products must:

  1. The products included in this list were part of Software Advice’s Frontrunners for EMR software.
  2. To select the ‘most affordable’ products, all 19 products that were part of the Frontrunners report were assessed for their monthly pricing (as of January 21, 2021). Based on the assessment, the average price was calculated to be $89.50. Products with a monthly subscription price lower than $89.50 were then shortlisted to be included in this list.
  3. Meet our EMR software market definition: “EMR/EHR software automates the clinical operations of healthcare providers. It allows medical professionals to create, store, update and share digital patient charts, histories, medications, test results and more.”

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