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everything HelpDesk

everything HelpDesk by GroupLink is an extremely user-friendly cloud-based help desk solution that is both powerful and customizable with an architecture that integrates seamlessly with a number of third parties....Read more

4.31 (13 reviews)

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Deskero by Nabra is a cloud-based help desk management solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers ticketing, multi-channel support, social media and chat support and reporting functionalities within a suite. Phone, A...Read more

Learn More

Jitbit Helpdesk

JitBit Helpdesk is an IT help desk management solution designed for companies of any size that offers automated routing, incident management, inbox management, ticket management and self-service portal functionalities within a sui...Read more

4.59 (29 reviews)

Learn More


iSuppport is a help desk solution designed for small and midsize companies that offers incident management, problem management, change management, end user self-support and reporting functionalities within a suite. iSupport a...Read more

4.27 (33 reviews)

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Freshdesk simplifies customer support by centralizing all customer interactions into a single, affordable, Web-based solution. Phone calls, emails, Web chats and even social media outreach is fully supported in this solution....Read more

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SolarWinds Service Desk

SolarWinds Service Desk is suitable for companies seeking a help desk solution that offers IT service management (ITSM) functionalities. SolarWinds Service Desk offers comprehensive service desk functionality that helps businesses...Read more

4.59 (520 reviews)

5 recommendations

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NetSuite CRM

With a strong emphasis on sales and marketing automation, customer support and partner management, NetSuite CRM+ is a comprehensive, Web-based client relationship management system for small and midsize businesses. ...Read more

Learn More


Used by over 20,000 global companies, Zendesk has made a name for itself as a sophisticated, yet simple Web-based help desk solution....Read more

4.36 (2748 reviews)

12 recommendations

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SysAid is a cloud-based IT Service Management, service desk and help desk solution that helps users in businesses of all sizes across various industries resolve technology-related issues. Key features include help desk automation,...Read more

4.52 (348 reviews)

6 recommendations

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InvGate Service Desk

InvGate Service Desk is an IT service management platform that offers help desk request fulfillment, customer service and support and self-service knowledge management. The system is compatible with Mac, Windows, and iPad (or othe...Read more

4.67 (87 reviews)

10 recommendations

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Software pricing tips

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Subscription models

  • Per employee/per month: This model allows you to pay a monthly fee for each of your employees.
  • Per user/per month: Users pay a monthly fee for users—normally administrative users—rather than all employees.

Perpetual license

  • This involves paying an upfront sum for the license to own the software and use it indefinitely.
  • This is the more traditional model and is most common with on-premise applications and with larger businesses.

Rated best value for money


TeamSupport is a post-sale award-winning customer support software company built specifically for the unique needs of B2B (business-to-business) technology-enabled companies within the computer software, hardware, information tech...Read more

4.47 (803 reviews)

3 recommendations

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Developed for IT professionals in the SMB to very large buyers' market, Spiceworks is an entirely free help desk and network management solution. ...Read more

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Enghouse eKMS

Now part of Enghouse Interactive, SmartSupport Knowledge Management Solutions is a plug-and-play knowledge base solution that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. The solution lets users streamline customer...Read more

0.00 (12 reviews)

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HappyFox Help Desk

HappyFox is a unique system designed to simplify and streamline the client support process, with a ticket organization feature that lets client support members sort requests according to priority, improving response times....Read more

4.58 (86 reviews)

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Help Scout

Help Scout is a cloud-based help desk solution that helps small businesses and small teams manage their customer relationships. Help Scout is designed to look like a personal email. There are no ticket numbers, case numbers o...Read more

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SAP Customer Experience

Whether you’re a mid-market company looking for an on-demand CRM application or a large enterprise that needs a robust, end-to-end client management solution, SAP can meet the unique technology needs of your company. ...Read more

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Agiloft has solutions for business process management with applications like web self-service, knowledge management, help desk, customer service, and more. Deployed hosted or on-premise, it has many options for integration. ...Read more

4.86 (32 reviews)

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With more than 25 years in the industry, Commence CRM is a customizable and modular system to help small and midsized organizations convert leads into sales, with functions to nurture prospects throughout the sales cycle....Read more

4.85 (41 reviews)

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Sellsy is a cloud-based sales management solution for small to midsize businesses. Features include time tracking, sales automation and a help desk. It is suitable for industries such as advertising, construction, non-profit and r...Read more

4.42 (31 reviews)

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UseResponse is a Cloud-based and Slef-Hosted customer support solution that provides users with customer service tools and customer feedback solution. It features a Help Desk Ticketing Solution, Feedback Community System, Knowledg...Read more

4.69 (35 reviews)

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Popular Help Desk Software for Schools Comparisons

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 13, 2022

For schools, keeping up with student and staff inquiries and support requests can be an overwhelming task—especially when there are physical help desks or administrative counters spread across a sprawling campus.

This is precisely where help desk software for schools can help. The tool acts as a single platform for raising tickets and managing and resolving queries, and it can act as a knowledge base for users. Schools and institutions can provide support and information for any request made by staff, students, or guardians from anywhere.

Besides query management, most school help desk solutions also provide self-service portals. From there, users can access relevant notifications, view or upload documents, and raise or escalate requests in contingency situations.

What is help desk software for schools?

School help desk software is a software application that allows a school's support staff to respond to queries from students, guardians, and faculty quickly, efficient, and reliably. Most school help desk solutions integrate a centralized knowledge base where students, guardians, and faculty can easily explore frequently asked questions and their answers.

Ticket management on Deskpro Ticket management on Deskpro

Common features of help desk software for schools

Help desk software for schools offers a wide variety of features depending upon the vendor and/or the selected bundle or subscription model. Some common features to look out for include the following.

Ticket management Open tickets and track them through to resolution. This also helps with tracking support responsiveness.
Knowledge base Provides a centralized platform that responds to help or support requests, usually in the form of frequently answered questions (FAQs).
Workflow automation Automatically assigns support tickets to relevant teams or departments for resolution based on the topic. Escalates support requests up a hierarchy chain according to predefined protocols.
Self-service portal Enables students, staff, and guardians to create support requests. They can also track the progress of the request until it's resolved, including adding remarks or making modifications.
Custom forms Allows support staff to create school-specific or even grade-specific fields to query forms. The ability to customize forms ensures flexibility of assigning specific fields to a ticket format.
Email-based ticketing Allows users to raise support tickets by sending an email to a designated email address. Email support tickets are logged the same as any other tickets within the system.

What type of buyer are you?

A school help desk is a useful application to have for query resolution and support. It's relevant if you are:

  • A single-campus school: For a single campus with a small support desk, a help desk solution makes it easier to track and respond to incidents and requests quickly and easily, without any falling through the cracks.
  • A network of schools: Such buyers usually have a dedicated central team that provides support to multiple campuses. Having a central help desk solution helps to unify the entire support process, regardless of location. This is also relevant for county and district school administrators overseeing multiple institutions.

Benefits of help desk software for schools

While the benefits of having a help desk tool for schools may have been clear by now, here's an overview of some of the most notable:

  • Streamlined processes: The most important benefit of having a help desk tool for schools is reduced complexity in dealing with support requests from students and staff.
  • Self-service options: A self-service portal and central knowledge base can help ensure that users find important information, even if support staff is unavailable.
  • Customizations and automation: Customization of tickets and forms, as well as automated workflows increase the efficiency of support staff.
  • Government education administrators can benefit from this tool by gaining access to issues and queries from areas of their jurisdiction in a few clicks.

Market trends and new features to understand

As with all software, help desk solutions for schools have evolved over the years. Here are some recent trends in the market:

  • Rapid adoption of social media integrations: Some school help desk solutions have started offering integrations with social media platforms, allowing users to tag respective schools in their queries over social media. If the answer phrase is already in the knowledge base, it's answered automatically; alternatively, a new support request is raised and assigned to the support staff.
  • Increasing popularity of mobile apps: An extension of the self-service portal, mobile apps allow a user to raise support tickets from mobile devices. Apps also provide access to knowledge base and important announcements on mobile devices.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots becoming commonplace: AI has seen rapid adoption in many software segments, and school help desk software is no exception. Through intelligent identification of words in queries, chatbots respond with preprogrammed answers and provide 24/7 support to students and staff.

Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.