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Healthcare LMSs are software platforms designed to help medical practices manage their online learning programs, without removing them from their core responsibility (i.e., patient care) for too long. The software allows users to build relevant training modules for internal use by physicians and other medical staff.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 182 products
Showing 1 - 20 of 182 products


TOPYX is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that features social learning tools. It provides organizations with access to formal training with informal learning. It is suitable for enterprises, government institutions,...Read more

4.25 (16 reviews)

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Trellis is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) system. The product consists of two components - "TrellisManage" and "Trellis Author". In TrellisManage, both training administrators and learners can sign on to visit...Read more

0.00 (1 reviews)

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eLeaP is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that helps organizations to manage team performance and organizational compliance. The solution enables training managers, HR professionals and sales managers to create onlin...Read more

4.58 (6 reviews)

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Open LMS leverages open-source software to deliver an effective and engaging online learning experience. As the largest commercial provider of highly curated, enhanced, SaaS-based versions of the world’s most widely used open-sour...Read more

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Docebo is redefining the way enterprises leverage technology to create, deliver, and understand the business impact of their learning experiences through The Docebo Learning Suite. With Docebo's multi-product learning suite, ente...Read more

4.21 (114 reviews)

89 recommendations

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Skip the classroom, train anywhere. Trakstar Learn's cloud-based e-learning platform provides a simple, training solution for employees working from home, in the office, or in the field. We make it easier for business leaders to e...Read more

4.31 (102 reviews)

32 recommendations

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TalentLMS is the LMS built for training success. Designed to get a yes from everyone, its where great teams, and companies, go to grow. With an experience thats fully customizable and easy to manage, teams embrace training while f...Read more

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SkillPort is a cloud-based learning management solution offered by SkillSoft. The solution is used by businesses of all sizes across industries such as financial services, health care and manufacturing. Users can browse through th...Read more

4.17 (58 reviews)

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Administrate Training Management

Administrate is a comprehensive, configurable training management platform that helps organizations streamline enterprise learning and development. The Administrate platform allows users to organize, deliver, plan, automate, analy...Read more

4.28 (39 reviews)

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LatitudeLearning© is a cloud-based LMS designed specifically to manage extended enterprise training programs. The learning platform makes it easier to deliver quality training across all channels of your extended network. Control ...Read more

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Software pricing tips

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Subscription models

  • Per employee/per month: This model allows you to pay a monthly fee for each of your employees.
  • Per user/per month: Users pay a monthly fee for users—normally administrative users—rather than all employees.

Perpetual license

  • This involves paying an upfront sum for the license to own the software and use it indefinitely.
  • This is the more traditional model and is most common with on-premise applications and with larger businesses.

Rated best value for money

Instancy Learning Management System

Instancy is a cloud-based solution designed to help organizations plan, design and manage online learning programs for classroom training, video tutorials and more. The platform enables enterprises to schedule webinars, assign ins...Read more

4.57 (7 reviews)

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PeopleFluent Learning

PeopleFluent Learning is a cloud-based learning management system suited for midsize and large organizations. It features content management, skills and compliance management, social learning, reports and e-commerce. PeopleFl...Read more

3.88 (26 reviews)

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Create eLearning LMS

Do you need an LMS that is insanely easy to use, quick to deploy and comes with the best pricing and customer service? Then CreateLMS should be on your list of vendors to consider. Easy means - Most clients are delivering trai...Read more

4.71 (7 reviews)

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Axis LMS

Axis LMS is a cloud-based learning management solution that enables businesses of all sizes to create training materials and courses. Key features include content creation, reporting, group collaboration and internal messaging. ...Read more

4.33 (3 reviews)

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At BizLibrary, we’re on a mission to elevate employees’ skills, create better places to work and do our part to build a more compassionate and competent future. We lean into these goals every day by supporting organizations’ learn...Read more

4.50 (58 reviews)

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accessplanit is an award-winning, configurable training management software designed both for training providers and internal training teams. It is used across the globe, helping training teams to achieve the results they want th...Read more

4.59 (56 reviews)

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Accord LMS

Accord LMS supports online courses, instructor-led training, certification and compliance management, gamification, and more. HTML5 content authoring, webinars, eCommerce and HRIS synchronization are fully integrated. Drag-and-dro...Read more

4.52 (47 reviews)

13 recommendations

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bxp software

bxp software is a web-based, modular customer management solution that offers applications for customer service, call center, and help desk, among others. Developed for simple and multi-channel users....Read more

4.20 (5 reviews)

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Cornerstone LMS

Cornerstone Xplor and Cornerstone Learning help you provide a connected learning and growth experience for your people. Create a personalized development and growth experience that inspires people and accelerates transformation. G...Read more

4.30 (205 reviews)

57 recommendations

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SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is a cloud-based continuous learning platform that unifies learning management, the extended enterprise, prepackaged content and a content management system to meet organizations’ training needs. SAP Litmos is SSAE 16...Read more

4.21 (264 reviews)

69 recommendations

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Popular Healthcare LMS Comparisons

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 11, 2022

If you're in the healthcare industry, you know that its processes and standards are detailed (sometimes nuanced) and they evolve regularly. And, if you run your own practice, you'll agree that occasionally taking physicians and staff off work to train them on the nuances and changes is vital for your business.

Regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) stipulate all health care practices follow proper and up-to-date clinical guidelines and best practices.

However, selecting one healthcare learning management system (LMS) from among hundreds on the market can be overwhelming. That's why we've created this Buyer's Guide to detail everything you need to know before making the final purchase decision.

Here's what we'll cover:

What Is Healthcare LMS Software?
Common Features of Healthcare LMS Software
What Type of Buyer Are You?
Benefits of Healthcare LMS Software
Key Considerations

What Is Healthcare LMS Software?


Healthcare LMSs are software platforms designed to help medical practices manage their online learning programs, without removing them from their core responsibility (i.e., patient care) for too long. The software allows users to build relevant training modules for internal use by physicians and other medical staff.

Administrators can create course catalogs, schedule and assign courses and track course completion status. Physicians and other staff can view their course catalog, enroll or cancel a course offering and launch e-learning modules.

Track course completion status in Docebo LMS software

Track course completion status in Docebo LMS software

Common Features of Healthcare LMS Software

Vendors offer a variety of functionalities in their healthcare LMS solutions. However, most offer some or all of the following capabilities:

Compliance and certification management Allows small practices to track the learning requirements and compliance of physicians and staff. Administrators can set up, track and manage certification programs.
Learning management Allows users to organize and simplify training or learning modules based on their specific learning requirements. Includes processes such as managing user details, scheduling and tracking course enrollment, distributing content, tracking course completion status etc.
Content authoring Allows users to build courses using in-house generated content.
Videoconferencing Allows users to collaborate, learn and share insights and knowledge by hosting webinars and supporting the learning objectives of peers.
Mobile learning Allows users to access the software and complete courses on mobile devices, such as phones or tablets.
Social learning Allows users to utilize features such as live chat, content ratings, course sharing and commenting, course discussions, email and text notifications and individual learner blogs to interact with one another within the LMS.

To further understand these features and learn about LMS vendors, call our advisors at 855-998-8505 for free, no-obligation help. They'll help you narrow down your options by listening to your requirements and recommending the best-suited solutions for your practice.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Before you start evaluating healthcare LMS software options, you'll want to know what buyer category you belong to. Most buyers will fall into one of the below categories:

  • Solo physicians: These buyers have simple requirements and are mainly looking to keep up with the latest health management techniques and compliance regulations. Due to relatively smaller budgets, they should start with a best-of-breed solution offering functions such as compliance and certification and learning management.
  • Small practices (three to five physicians): These buyers have relatively more medical staff. As a result, they may require additional features such as content authoring and videoconferencing, based on specific learning and collaboration needs.
  • Medium and large practices (more than five physicians): These buyers typically need a complete healthcare LMS suite. They need a single system that controls all their learning, development and compliance needs. They will likely prefer a system that centralizes all information and may even integrate with their other existing systems, such as their electronic medical records (EMR) software.

Benefits of Healthcare LMS Software

While some of the benefits of healthcare LMS software should be clear from our discussion above, we've called out the most notable ones below:

  • Better learning and development management: A medical practice's most important assets are its physicians and medical staff. The quality of patient care depends on the physician's knowledge and the staff's expertise. Healthcare LMS systems help physicians and medical staff to constantly develop their knowledge and skills, leading to better patient care.
  • Quick deployment of the latest training material: New clinical research and technological advancements are changing healthcare procedures, best practices and regulations frequently. To stay updated, healthcare courses and training materials need regular updates. Healthcare LMS system helps medical practices achieve this task.

Key Considerations

Here are some important questions to consider before you purchase health care LMS software:

  • Is the software scalable? Ask your shortlisted vendors about the scalability of their products. Scalability becomes essential as your practice grows, and the software should be able to handle your expanding needs. For instance, if you plan to hire more physicians and staff in future, the software must be able to handle additional users and the increased amount of data/content, as well as align specialty-specific users with relevant content.
  • Does the vendor offer customer support? Find out whether the vendor offers support 24/7, only during business hours or not at all. In addition, ask about available support options, such as email, phone or live chat. As you're mostly busy providing patient care, you won't have much time to go through LMS software user manuals to solve your technical queries. So, efficient customer support is critical.